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                                                          The Blank Suit:

Samantha was to arrive to Mexico on May 28 (EVIDENCE) but she postpone her trip, then, she kept postponing, Daniel had to go back to the United States for a closing of a property that he work for over six months (EXHIBIT) and to pick his car that he left in a parking lot in Laredo.
Samantha not only did not arrive to Mexico, instead her Boyfriend Tristan(EXHIBIT) arrive with Joseph Lowry and started to try to file charges in Mexico as well, now, Daniel has proven their false testimonies and they may be facing criminal charges by the Police.
Samantha had access to the passwords of  the emails of Daniel (She had demanded them months in advance, not only this shows how controlling she was, but also how Samantha abuse the trust of Daniel to commit her fraud, this been a crime as well )(EXHIBIT)(abuse of trust and interfering with electronic communications)  and Samantha erased all the emails between: Samantha Lowry and Daniel, also between Susan Lowry and Daniel same that explained all that was happening all the harm she was doing to Sebastian, all the effort Daniel was trying to solve the issues, all the threats Samantha made, her neglect and violence, nevertheless, she missed a few.
The harassment against the parents of Daniel became a lot more severe, Samantha who had stolen the travel documents of Daniel and Sebastian kept refusing to send them,(EXHIBIT) Daniel Kept asking for them, but Samantha was evasive, simply she will not respond, so Daniel went to Laredo for her to send anyone with the Travel documents of Sebastian and him to enter the United States, but Samantha who was already with FBI and Police, also with 8 people including her family and other unknown people, she could have sent anyone to the border which is around 3 hours driving, but not only no one showed up to let Sebastian and Daniel into the U.S. but Samantha did not even notified Daniel nobody would be there, Daniel had to go all the way there with Sebastian , wait in the summer heat and return to Mexico (EXHIBIT)
When Daniel return, he found this email of Samantha, please note, there is nothing mention on the other suits they had started on May 30, keeping them secret, also please note all the emails from Daniel are from one email account only.
Samantha sent this Blank Suit saying she used the rest of the money Daniel had left her to come to Mexico ($2000usd) to make the document with the attorney Milner and she will file it if Daniel wanted her to. Also NOTE Milner working in conspiracy with Samantha kept all secret; he did not send anything, no notice, nothing at all, 
Working in Concert they create an email account similar to Daniel´s dapacu@ instead of the one of Daniel dapacu @, and Daniel at the Time was only using Dapacu1
Dapacu stands for the first two initials of the name of Daniel Pavon Cuellar and is his artist name, so is easy to prove.(EXHIBIT)
The answers Andrew Westbrook working in conspiracy with the attorneys and The Lowry Family he was working on the warrants against Daniel, and he omitted (also a crime) Daniel was attempting to return to the United States, also omitted Samantha had stolen his travel documents, also intercepted the police reports Daniel Made and ignore them, an started to make all types of lies, change testimonies of other officers and manipulates FBI, Judge dalarue, and Anthony Brown, or “TONY” as Westbrook calls him.
BY the Way, Andrew Westbrook assign himself to the case, he was in Juvenile services…
The response to this blank suit Daniel they were used by fraud and deception to claim he was served with the suits, even Joe Milner commits twice perjury(EXHIBIT) to fool the Judge and make him believe Daniel was served.
The Judge does not read or sees the evidence, only signs. A message to Dietz will be, watch what you sign, the future of people are in your hands, even generations can be changed by your rulings, that is not justice…IF Judge John K Dietz will have read the evidence of service he could have clearly seen  Daniel was replying to a blank
JOINT CUSTODY suit that was not filed and also Milner was in Violation of Rules of service.

     Rule 103:
No person who is a party to or interested in the outcome of a suit shall serve any process.

Jami Milner, the other fraudulent attorney (Like father, like daughter) knew about all this Fraud and was active part of it.

That way they kept advancing in their fraud to take all the property, assets, privileges and freedom from Daniel, without due process, without the opportunity of been heard working all in concert to make impossible his return and careless of Sebastian. Especially when they claimed Sebastian was allergic to all types of formula and could die in 48 to 72 hours….
That was the questions Samantha could never answer…
Why is Sebastian could die, you did not come, you did not send our travel documents for us to return, why you stood us up in Laredo, why you did not send anyone!
Then why also the FBI, Milner, Andrew Westbrook, Jami Milner, Scott Milner, stood Sebastian and Daniel up in Laredo!  Why they did not send the travel documents to Daniel for them to return? Why they did not send a letter of immigration to Daniel to enter the U.S with Sebastian. Why they placed restrictions for Daniel to obtain travel documents for Sebastian? Why Joe Lowry and Tristan Nind did not bring them to Daniel? Why not even ring the door bell, especially after Daniel had them welcome in His Homestead home for around 3 weeks in December /January and again for around 1 month and a half in March/April?
Well, their plan was planned since months in advance…..
The Fraud was clear. This is the “Modus operandi of the judicial mob” A sick mother who uses her own son for profit careless of Him. But also to do all of this to the Man and the family who supported her economically for two years!
AS You May know, Samantha did not wanted him, reason Sebastian only carries BOTH of the last names of the Father. Sebastian Pavon Cuellar.

You begin to see the Texas Size Fraud?