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This is the list of evidence used by Milner firm, Bratton and Bratton, Minton Burton Foster & Collins , international law firm ; Jeremy Morley, Andrew Westbrook and Lowry Family  against Daniel Pavon Cuellar for them to be able to obtain his homestead, all his art and been 1732 Original Fine art Paintings, all his documents, full custody of Sebastian, a child support of $4117 a month, attorneys fees of around $200000+, also Daniel will need to post a cash bond (ransom) of $ 300 000 if he will ever want to see his son again, Daniel will have no rights to his son, and will not even be able to know where he is or where he lives, the mother could take him anywhere even internationally. SEE EXHIBIT

Now get ready to see the evidence used against him:

First Exhibit is the list of all exhibits presented during trial on august 13, since they are only 18 we will go one by one.
1) Acknowledgment of Paternity: During that time Daniel believe it was his son, until Samantha on December 3, 2007 requested a DNA, at that time if Samantha doubts who the Father, Daniel is as well.
2) Verification: includes birth certificate and birth facts.
3) Birth Certificate
4) Medical Records: It does not show anywhere Sebastian is allergic to formula, but it does show Samantha refuse to give the vaccines to Sebastian.
5) Lab report: from the test results Sebastian got at birth from having jaundice.
6) Tax Receipts: Stolen records from Daniel homestead, not of relevance.
7) Checks; Samantha also stolen checks From Daniel Pavon Cuellar, not included in this site by the information risk of accounts and signature, but, the checks were given to Daniel by his Father and signed in case Samantha during pregnancy will have a problem or complication, since Daniel nor Samantha had insurance, Daniel and Raul had an agreement, each check will work as a lien note.
8) Email ; Click here Hereby attached ; The Line Through part says: I give you full custody of Sebastian if you give me full custody of you, means marriage and union, date may 21, Milner and Lowry by Fraud, deception and manipulation claimed Daniel was given full custody of Sebastian to Samantha, reason why the only highlighted part is “I give you full custody of Sebastian”
9)Email: Click here Hereby attached: Shows Samantha was coming to Mexico, Daniel had gotten a pass to go to the embassy and enter without ID, they said they could probably get Daniel the documents he needed to enter the U.S, once in the Embassy, they said that Samantha Lowry will have to be Present, otherwise they could not give any documents, neither to Daniel since he had no documents that were required. Also Shows Samantha well knew were Daniel was since she was arriving there. EXHIBIT
10) TCAD: the proof that the Homestead of Daniel Pavon is under his sole name and Samantha is not part of the Deed records, also that it is officially his Homestead with homestead exemption.
11) This is not a letter but a real estate contract, and was also stolen from the homestead of Daniel Pavon, is irrelevant and is where Guadalupe (Mother of Daniel will buy a property) private and confidential
12) Bench Warrant; Daniel had a Bench Warrant (Is to show up in front of a judge) this is dated 2000, also irrelevant but used by these firms to by fraud and deception to manipulate the judge (EXHIBIT) this second (EXHIBIT) shows the reason.
13) Email, Click Here Hereby attached, It shows how Samantha was refusing to send our documents
14) Copy of Sebastian Social Security card
15) Copy of Sebastian Passport which shows Samantha had it and reason Daniel was asking for them since he could only return with Sebastian to the United States with travel documents
16) This is the Child Support Milner and Lowry request from the court, how is it that Judge John Dietz gives them more? (Click here for Exhibit)
17) Milner Contract (Click here for Exhibit)
18)Milner Curriculum Vitae (Irrelevant) but shows his 40 year experience and he well knew what he was doing, also his influences. (Soon to be downloaded)

Conclution: Not only Samantha Lowry and by Milner firm, Bratton and Bratton, Minton Burton Foster & Collins , international law firm ; Jeremy Morley, Andrew Westbrook and Lowry Family. Withheld all the records of Daniel Pavon, they even withheld his taxes but manipulated all his records to manipulate the Judge, but, by law the Judge to grant such amount of child support these firms needed to prove income of Daniel Pavon, but they did not. But also no evidence was used to prove their claims.
Also Judge John Dietz with only 18 Exhibits (Easy to read) he knew it was the Homestead of Daniel Pavon, nevertheless, he granted it to Samantha (And not even married)
Then the emails that are self explanatory.
How can a Judge give such a fraudulent decree against Texas Family Code and against Constitution, against International treaties, against human rights, against civil rights, against the Law and without any evidence to prove their claims, and take all assets, property, privileges, rights of Daniel Pavon without due process, without service, but also taking the children rights of Sebastian.

This is the Modus operandi of this mob.