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Why? A network of criminals were hidden behind the name of Samantha Lowry; instructed
by Susan Gail Lowry and John Auriol Lowry, experts of fraud, crimes and deception.
Common practice are fraudulent fund raisers, open companies and close them soon after
scamming people. Owners of Hillsborough child nursery rated UNSAFE TO CHILDREN by
Ofsted, now closed and opened ALFRESCO CHILDCARE & ALFRESCO CHILDCARE Preschool,
Both in Bishopstone Swindon. Profitable scams exploiting children families for their own
gains, manipulating all for their own gains, throught deception, in this case, VIOLENTLY!
Therefore, Samantha Lowry or Samantha Jennifer Lowry, may refer to AKA Samantha
Lowry , including Susan Gail Lowry,  John Auriol Lowry and several others, perhaps
manipulated as well. Their photos show clearly their evil! Without any moral, the true
,royal oak pub, bishosptone pub,
The Real
Born February 15, 1983
Wantage England
Last seen at:
Austin Texas
& Bishopstone Swindon
Samantha Lowry, an illegal alien in Texas whom arrives to Austin Texas on September 2006, meets Police
Detective Andrew Westbrook on October 2006 at the Area of Bars of Sixth Street and arrives the next
morning...Soon after meets Bob Gloyd and moves with him to 10205 ThomasWood lane. Austin Texas
The Baby is born, march 29, 2007 Samantha Lowry DOES NOT WANT HER LAST NAME ON HER OWN SON>
On Friday May 25, 2007, Memorial Day weekend, Samantha brings Sebastian to Daniel (Texas resident, Father of
Sebastian) ; Daniel and Sebastian leave to Mexico by Bus, Samantha to arrive three days later (Memorial Day) to
Mexico City, but did not. She abandoned her own son at two months old and made claims he was abducted, could
die by been allergic to all types of formula and the child was missing...While to Daniel she delayed her trip claiming
she fell ill...While to court she began proceedings on May 30, 2007 claiming the child to be in Texas...
Samantha Lowry  Trespassed into Daniel Pavon (Sebastian Father) Homestead at 7005 Whispering Creek Austin
Texas on May 25, 2007 for robbery and use stolen documents for fraud.
Samantha Lowry did not only abandoned her own son, trespassed to the father homestead to attempt to sell it in weeks, committed perjury to
court and even police, claiming she lived there for over two years to place restraining orders against the sole home owner: Daniel and make
impossible the return of Daniel and Sebastian to Texas, to attempt to sell his home and art, and committing kidnapping under title 18 ; 1204
At the same time; Tristan John Nind, Scarlett Lowry and Joseph Lowry assaulted Guadalupe and Raul Pavon nearly
80 years old, in Mexico city; targeted victims of the scam of Samantha lowry to sell their real estate and steal their
bank accounts, all without notice on scam proceedings out of jurisdiction, crimes proven on sealed documents ;
On 2007 Samantha Lowry in conspiracy with Tristan John Nind and Joseph Lowry Kidnapped American Citizen
Sebastian Pavon From Austin Texas to England, the baby suffered in such a way he stop eating;
Samantha Lowry used Sebastian Pavon to commit a scam of 35 million dollars, followed with homicide to sell
real estate at the time she was sued after discovery of her scam.
Samantha Lowry takes advantage of the homicide to sell 20 acres of land in Niederwald Texas, Illegally sold
The Lowry family  including; Scarlett Lowry, Joseph Lowry, Susan Lowry and John Lowry participated on the
trespassing, child endangerment, fraud on real estate, kidnapping, and responsible of conspiracy to homicide for
illegal sale of real estate and also Jorgina Williams, Jemima Lowry Bailey, Peter Bailey, Peter John Bailey
John Lowry and Susan Lowry own a Child nursery in Bishopstone named Alfresco Childcare, previously owned
Hillsborough Day Nursery, closed by Ofsted after been rated UNSAFE TO CHILDREN
It is believed Sebastian Pavon Died after the violent kidnapping, and the sole record obtained over the past 9 years,
Sebastian was taken several times to emergencies after his kidnapping at 8 months old.
The sole photo obtained, shows Sebastian lost weight and looked abused.
Samantha Lowry got pregnant immediately after, publishing photos of her pregnancy online.
The Lowry Family has a history of fraud, deception and violent crimes, more especially, John Lowry also known as
John Auriol Lowry, Susan Gail Lowry aka Susan Lowry and Joseph Patrick Douglas Lowry aka Joe lowry for abuse
against children.
Last seen at Alfresco Childcare Bishopstone England and at Austin Texas with Bod Gloyd, unconfirmed  reports; she
was seen at Oxfordshire, Wantage, Swindon, London, Dublin Ireland, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, South Marston;
using aliases as Jennifer Lowry, Jenny Lowry, Sam Lowry, Samantha Lowery, Samantha Dennehy, Samantha Gloyd 
and other aliases; another victim appeared in Tarragon Spain, also deprived of all property and assets
For those parents of Alfresco Childcare Bishopstone, are you certain you want to place your child at risk?
Samantha Lowry will do anything for money, Samantha Lowry Samantha jennifer Lowry born in Wantage
England February 15 1983; Susan Lowry and John Lowry last seen at New Town Lane Bishopstone Swindon
Factuals with evidence records:
How evil can a woman be to not want her last name on her own child?
How evil can a woman be to steal all property and bank accounts from the parents of her ex-boyfriend at
nearly 80 years old, in secret and violently?
How evil can a woman be to take away the father from his son?
How evil can a woman be to trespass into the father of his son home with other man and try to sell it?
How evil can a woman be that money is more important than her own son, her own new born?
Diagnosed as a pshycopath; Samantha Lowry did not care for her son  nor anyone else, she enjoys
causing pain, loves attention, gets revengeful if ignored,  a seductress who would do anything for money,
without any moral, including playing several man at once.
Proven pshycopath; Superficial charm and glibness, Inflated sense of self-worth, Constant need for
stimulation, Lying pathologically, Conning others; being manipulative, Lack of remorse or guilt, Shallow
emotions, Callousness; lack of empathy. For those who know her, click here
Justice is served? Samantha Lowry hated Daniel because she got pregnant thinking he was rich and he
was not, she than attack his parents to take their money. Samantha Lowry hated her son Sebastian
because she got pregnant for money and did not get any, wanted him dead; no immunizations, her
treatment to him since his birth was of great concern as the medical report and abuse shows clearly;To
violently kidnapping him at 8 months old after six months she abandoned him: was cruel, perhaps deadly.
Now, if Sebastian died, Samantha would carry his dead forever; if he is alive, he will be her judge on a daily
basis... is a matter of time when the river of life reunites Seb and Daniel, time when Justice will be
complete. Or Samantha knows a loving father will never stop... any day they will come face to face
Any day...
COULD NOT TAKE THAT. She Felt she lost the attention : A PSHYCOPATH

Samantha Lowry
Born February 15, 1983
Samantha Lowry, a Tourist in Texas with Expired tourist
Visa of 90 days, commits a deadly scam against Texas
Property Owners to deprive them of their property through
trespassing, violence and  fraud of 35 million in frivolous
proceedings out of jurisdiction.
Followed with kidnapping of American Citizen Sebastian
Pavon to England.
Once her scam is discovered, she was sued; time when the
homicide took place after several dead  threats were made
by Samantha Lowry.
Immediately after Samantha Lowry illegally sold 20 acres of
land of the homicide victim in Niederwald Texas
Upon investigations, Samantha Lowry was instructed by
John Lowry and Susan Lowry part of a large network of
child exploitation, abuse and fraud, based in the UK;
owners of Alfresco Childcare Bishopstone England. A
child care center near Swindon UK
It is Believed Sebastian Pavon died after the abduction,
Trespassing, Fraud, Kidnapping and Homicide to Sell Land
A case that exposes the most profitable child trafficking in the world is based in the UK
Code: January 2016 iS ...Rea Ch F B Bell A
How will GoD punish a woman who use love and abused her own child to steal money in such a cruel and deadly way?
Sebastian Pavon stopped eating after the kidnapping by Samantha Lowry, Tristan Nind and Joseph Lowry. The Sole record
obtained, showed Sebastian was taken several times to emergencies, had not received a single immunization and had suffered
also a fracture. Samantha concealed the medical reports from the time of  kidnapping. Sebastian was kidnapped at eight months
old, exploited by the Lowry family to obtain gains in the millions, owners of alfresco childcare Swindon. Joseph Lowry had
previous accusations of child abuse at Hillsborough day nursery, closed by ofsted report, rated "UNSAFE TO CHILDREN".
It is believed Sebastian died soon after the kidnapping, since even if required by court and treaty to provide the medical
reports of Sebastian, Samantha did not and disappeared to date:
On November  2016   A Message was received from ip in UK , Stating:
"Sebastian is dead, what you gonna do about it"...
Why Would Daniel Defend Samantha?
The “Fake” Samantha LowrY:
Susan Gail Lowry aka Sue Lowry, Susan Lowry Owner;
Alfresco Childcare Bishopstone Swindon, whom controlled Samantha Lowry. Evil woman with history of fraud, crimes, child abuse & more...
claims to hypnotize people
talking on steady low tone
Owner of
Alfresco Childcare Forest  Alfresco Childcare Bishosptone
Alfresco Childcare Swindon

John Auriol Lowry aka John Lowry Owner of Alfresco Childcare Bishopstone
The following companies were opened by the Lowry, soon after closed.
All based from Hillsborough Day Care in New Town Lane Bishopstone Swindon SN6 8 PW

Energy Reduced Ltd

Hillsborough Day Nursery Limited

Rejuvenated You Limited

P A Energy Consultants Ltd

Solar Rise Ltd,

Outdoor Supplies Limited

Acenti Designs Ltd, 

Drunky Limited

No registration found

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth.
― William Faulkner

“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha
On November  2016   A Message was received from ip in UK ,
Stating:  "Sebastian is dead, what you gonna do about it"...
Susan Gail Lowry aka Sue Lowry Susan Lowry Owner of Alfresco Childcare Bishopstone